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Thankyou for visiting my website. As an introduction my name is Mal Baxter. I commenced my career with the Queensland Department of Forestry just over 43 Years ago working with Pinus, Araucaria, Eucalyptus and 400+ other species. During this time, apart from managing the States Forestry and Amenity Nurseries I also gained significant experience in all aspects of Plantation Forestry serving in various Forest Manager and Project Manager roles. In my specialist roles I had the opportunity to travel widely and consulted on Clonal and Seedling Bare Root and Container Nursery Systems.

I am now in a position to offer Forestry and Nursery Consultancy services including Project Management of Nursery Construction and Upgrade programs, Plantation Establishment, Nursery Audits and Training . To date I have undertaken projects onsite in Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Uganda and USA and provided extensive in house training to visiting staff from India,Vietnam, China and USA.


1. Project Management design, construction, management of Large Scale Nursery Container and Bare Root Production Programs.

2. System Development, Equipment Design and Construction including, Nursery Containers, Boomsprays, Roller Bench, High Speed Pot Filling/Seeding, Specialised Nursery and Field equipment.

3.Clonal and Family Forestry Cutting and Seedling Based Systems including Hedge Establishment, Maintenance, Macro and Micro Cutting Production.

4.Production System Audits.

5.Specialist in Nursery Hygiene and Design.

6.Nursery Training

7.General Plantation Silviculture and Advice.

8.Farm Forestry Extension including Species Selection, Site Preparation and Silviculture.

9.Seed Collection, Extraction and Storage.

I hope you can find everything you need on this web site. As an independant Forest Nursery Consultant I am focused on providing a service and satisfaction which will exceed your expectations.

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